Data Storage

Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever make and, as the probate registry will only accept originals it is critically important that your executors know exactly where they can find it.

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s an emotional and distressing time when a loved one dies, the added stress of frantically searching for a ‘lost’ Will is something that you really could do without.

A Will is a legal document and therefore, there are legal implications should it be misplaced. If only an older version can be found then that will be used, no matter how out of date it is. If NO WILL can be found then essentially you have died intestate (rules of intestacy here) – adding further stress and burden to those left to deal with your affairs.

Single/Double Will
Annual Storage Fee

£40.00 incl VAT

The National Will Archive have been storing over 100,000 legal documents for over 20 years.

All our Wills are scanned and stored in one place, at the National Will Archive allowing our clients peace of mind that all their legal documents are safe.

Store your Will

The National Will Archive has over 100,000 legal documents in their secure storage facility and even more on their database.

Search for a Will

Being able to locate your Will is the first job for your executors. Using a dedicated Will store like The National Will Archive makes the job much more simple.

Retrieve a Will

At what can be a very difficult time for close family and friends, we make Will retrieval very easy. Follow our simple retrieval procedure.

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